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  • Andy Budd

    Andy Budd

    User Experience Designer, startup advisor, occasional conference speaker, @Clearleft founder, and curator of @UXLondon and @LDConf

  • Mia Blume

    Mia Blume

    Design Leadership Coach + CEO at Design Dept. Founder of Within. Previous leader at Pinterest, Square and IDEO.

  • Brian Weinstein

    Brian Weinstein

    Froyo enthusiast & Sr Data Science Manager @Slice; prev. froyo enthusiast & data science @WeWork / @1stdibs, applied math @Columbia, physics @AmericanU

  • Jasmine Friedl

    Jasmine Friedl

    Design Director at Dropbox, Dabbler in Writing, Champagne Enthusiast

  • Marc Jenkinson

    Marc Jenkinson

    Trello Design Manager, Atlassian

  • Cap Watkins

    Cap Watkins

    Leadership coach and organizational consultant at @practical_works. Prev: VP of Design@BuzzFeed. Also worked at Etsy, Amazon, and a bunch of failed startups :)

  • Trip ODell

    Trip ODell

    Product and experience design leader

  • Jon Steinback

    Jon Steinback

    I am a beaver, with a single large tooth and my hand raised in the air as a greeting. My mouth is slightly ajar, expressing my happiness.

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